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The Richmond Republican Town Committee (RRTC) is a political organization made up of Richmond Republicans. The RRTC represents all registered Republicans in Richmond and serves as your liaison in the Republican Party structure (town, county, state, & national levels). We hold regular monthly meetings that all registered republicans are encouraged to attend. 

Our Mission

  • to get principled Republicans elected to State & Local offices

  • to engage & educate the electorate regarding conservative principles

  • to encourage participation in governance - "by the people - for the people" 

Our Principles

  • We believe in a limited, responsible government that provides essential services efficiently and effectively.

  • We believe in a free market based economy that has the opportunity to prosper

  • We believe in personal freedom & liberty so that all individuals can enjoy and exercise their Constitutional Rights.

Our Purpose

  • Educate voters on issues

  • Organize and advocate political activity

  • Raise funds to support our mission

  • Be actively engaged in the community

  • Recruit and aid candidates for town and state office

​We invite every Richmond resident who would like to lend his or her voice to the governance of our
town & state and learn more about what we do to join us.